1 YEAR & almost 7 MONTHS - 26 Jan. 2012

We still haven't had a good night's sleep. Liva is doing great, the only one in the family who isn't sick. Laia, Albert and I all have colds, runny noses and a cough. Laia doesn't sleep well at night, instead she slept until 8:10 this morning, wow! Liva was up at 6:45, but that's okay. Anytime after 6:30 is fine, the later the better!
Emily came over yesterday and felt horrible, she messaged me this morning that she'd really prefer not to come today because she is sick. She knows I work Thursdays, so she offered to come if nobody else could. But I started feeling sick yesterday afternoon, and woke up feelign really rough this morning. Already then I decided I would cancel my classes this afternoon, and do some translation work while Emily was here - I was sent an urgent translation late last night, due on Monday. I told Emily to stay at home and rest, I think we could all do with a couple of quiet days.
I took Liva and Laia down to the playground behind our house this morning, almost every time we go there we meet a little 2-year old girl called Paula, a sweet, beautiful little girl. Laia wasn't feeling well so Liva was thrilled to have someone else to play with. She and Paula walk around the playground hand in hand, played in the sand together, and had a fabulous time. Neither Laia nor Liva wanted to leave, which meant we got home quite late, they had lunch quite late, and were put down for their nap quite late. Unfortunately, they did not wake up quite late, so I had 2 cranky, tired girls for a looooong afternoon - which seemed even longer than it was because I felt worse and worse as the day progressed. I've been stuffing myself with medicin, and have just done an hour of translation. Though it's not even 22:00 yet, I'm going to bed! I'm exhausted. Albert, as I mentioned, also isn't feeling too great, he's not going to work tomorrow. I'm taking the girls out to a mommy-meeting in the morning, we all enjoy the Friday morning mommy-meets a lot, a lovely start to the weekend! Hopefully my mother-in-law is coming on Saturday - she retires on Tuesday, then life will be a lot easier! Next time I feel rough, I can call her for help. Next time the babysitter can't make it, I can call her for help. Next time Liva and Laia are driving me up the wall, I can call her for help.

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