1 YEAR & 6½ MONTHS - 22 Jan 2012

I went to the gym this morning! For the first time this year. Or, honestly, for the first time since November last year.... It was great, I decided to go swimming, did 20 laps in 20 minutes. I have no idea whether that's quick or slow or normal, and I don't really care. I feel good! Afterwards I went in the spa-bath for 10 minutes and had a free water-massage! When I was done, I met Albert, Liva and Laia in front of the gym, they had been to a plyaground while I had been swimming. We swapped, I took the girls home while Albert went to the gym. I plan to go Tuesday morning again, I think I have to stick to swimming and not going to the gym to run or ride bikes; I like swimming, and am quite motivated to go. I hate gyms otherwise...
Maybe this would be a good time to say something about my weight, something I haven't mentioned in months. But it's because I don't understand what's going on! Before Christmas I got on the scale, it said I weighed the same as before I started my so-called diet back in October. That can't be right, because my clothes fit differently. I decided to forget all about dieting over Christmas, and ate and drank whatever I felt like, as much as I felt like! Between Christmas and new year's I got on the scale again, I had supposedly lost almost 2 kgs over Christmas. Yeah, right... I forgot about the scale for a long time, my pre-pregnancy clothes looks better on me, my post-pregnancy clothes is way too big. Albert commented a few days ago that I had clearly lost weight. This motivated me to hop on the scale again - only to have it tell me I now weigh more than before I started dieting back in October. Yeah, right.... So now I give up on scales and go by my clothes, people's comments, and my own well-being!
When we got home after the gym, we skyped with my parents. That was nice, it's been a long time since we skyped and it was fun seeing Liva and Laia's reaction when they saw Mormor & Morfar on the computer screen.
I had walked home without a jacket, it's sunny, warm for the season and clear blue skies here. My parents showed me the snow in their yard through the webcam. Why is it I would like to move to Denmark??
Liva and Laia are back to their normal selves: happy, fun, well-behaved (most of the time) girls, that is such a relief!

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