2 YEARS & 8 MONTHS - 10 March 2013

I'm not writing a lot, I would really like to, but just can't find the motivation or the time. Liva and Laia have had a cold and a cough for what seems like months now, Laia has been on antibiotics for a week because of her cough, she wakes up 4-5 times during the night coughing, the antibiotics don't seem to have worked at all, and we are all sooooo tired. Last night she "only" woke up 3 times, hopefully it's a sign that things are getting better. Fingers crossed! :)
Liva and Laia are now 32 months and can do so many things. Since I'm almost 2 weeks late describing what they can do, I'll wait until next month. But I realized I've been complaining quite a bit lately about how difficult life is, I'm forgetting to mention that there are fun moments as well. I've decided to make up for that by adding proof! :)

Having fun mainly in their own twin language, though I do hear some Danish in there as well

Fun in the bath

Gangnam style

Brushing Tatanka

Cool horses at a farm

Painting Easter bunnies

Happy Liva

Happy Laia

Going to feed the ducks

Feeding seagulls (there were no ducks...)
Always remember the good times! No matter how hard times are for whatever reason, Liva and Laia always make me happy - even on the worst of days!

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