2 YEARS & 7 MONTHS - 27 Feb. 2013

We're really struggling at the moment, Liva and Laia are giving us such a hard time, especially Liva. She does the exact opposite of what we tell her. Laia isn't as bad, but she is no angel either.
For example, 2 weeks ago we went to a small aquarium, there was a kiddie fish-pool with different kind of sea animals which the kids are allowed to touch. The only rule is, you're not allowed to grab the animals, only touch them carefully. Liva constantly grabbed anything she could get a hold of. Laia didn't, so we know they understood the rule, she was just being difficult. Also, we told them not to splash with the water, it is the home of the fish and it isn't meant for playing. There were loads of other kids there, everyone behaved well and carefully touched the animals, Liva and Laia splashed water everywhere and were soaked and cold after an hour. So we left. Albert and I couldn't take it anymore, we were ready to explode from telling the girls 1000 times to stop, to behave, to listen to us, to be careful with the animals, to respect the animals' home, to respect the rules of the aquarium - nothing worked...
At the weekends we don't know what to do anymore, if we stay at home we all get bored and Liva and Laia get even more whiny and impossible. If we go out they misbehave and Albert and I get so sick of telling them off.
I know it's mainly the age, I talked to some of the people working at the daycare and asked if the girls were "normal" (referring to behavior), and what we could do about it. Liva is starting to misbehave there as well, and not listen to the adults working there, so now they know what I'm talking about. They told me it is perfectly normal behavior and that it will pass.
Also, Liva & Laia have a cold again, they have been more sick than well in the past 3-4 months, we are all so fed up with the cold and with being sick that I don't blame them for letting it out in other ways. They don't sleep well because they cough, so they are tired. All this combined with the terrible 2s double-up just makes it very, very difficult!
At the same time we do have a lot of fun with them! They say and do the sweetest things, they play together really well, and at times they actually behave. A few days ago I took them to the doctor, I wanted Liva's hearing tested, I don't think she hears 100 %. She has to see an ear specialist, it's possible she has a hearing problem. If that is the case, there might be another explanation for her terrible behavior at the moment. Anyway, while we were waiting at the doctor's they were so good! They sat quietly and played with the toys in the waiting room or looked at magazines, when they were done with one toy they put it away before taking the next, and they listened to everything I said. Today we went shopping after I had picked them up from daycare, again they were so good, pushing their little shopping cart around, laughing and doing as they were told. We then went to the station to pick up Albert, while we were waiting we looked at the ferries going to Sweden and of course at all the trains. They were happy and well behaved the entire time. Unfortunately, this is the exception to the rule, and we are so relieved when it happens. I hope it will soon be the other way around, that they will behave most of the time, and we'll be surprised when they don't!

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