2 YEARS & 7 MONTHS - 18 Feb. 2013

Fantastic! I went to pick up Liva & Laia shortly after 16:00, and since Laia was being a little troublemaker at daycare, I was prepared for a difficult evening alone at home with them. We got home, sat on the couch and had a snack, then prepared dinner together. Dinner was done way too early to eat - luckily it was just a cold rice & chicken salad and could wait - so we played for about 15 minutes. For the first time in weeks they behaved at the table and ate their food without any major incidences of plates falling on the floor or full cups tipping over. We had pomelo for dessert, a strange fruit for those of you who might not know it, like a grapefruit but somewhat sweeter. It was the first time Liva & Laia tried it, it took a few tries before they decided that they did actually like it.
When we were done eating they asked for their baby dolls, which were upstairs. I told them that if they put on their pajamas really quickly, we could go upstairs and play. That worked wonders, in no time they were changed and on their way up the stairs. I played with them for a bit, then got the clothes for tomorrow ready. After about 20 minutes of playing Liva wanted to go down, she had to poop. Unfortunately we only have one toilet in this house, so we all went down. She then decided that she couldn't poop after all, and I realized the kitchen was a huge mess from dinner still. I told Liva & Laia that they could continue playing if they wanted, I would clean the kitchen quickly and then come back up. To my surprise they agreed! After a few minutes I heard someone come down the stairs and next thing I know Liva is in the doorway with her arms crossed, looking at me with a face expression that was trying to be angry, asking me where her mobile phone was, what I had done with her phone. She looked so absolutely adorable I just couldn't help myself and fell to me knees to give her a giant cuddle. Laia soon came down, and I told the girls that when I had finished cleaning the kitchen it was bedtime, so if they wanted to play more they'd have to hurry back upstairs. I could hear things being moved around upstairs, things being dropped and dragged, and the wardrobes opening and closing. I decided that no matter what they had done up there, I wouldn't get angry. It wasn't as bad as I had expected, and when Laia went straight to bed after only having been told once, I was so surprised I didn't know how to react. Liva didn't want to go to bed and I could see there was something wrong. She had pooped in her diaper. This did piss me off, because she had been to the toilet just 10 minutes earlier but said she couldn't poop, and though I asked her 2-3 times she insisted there was no poop in her belly. I am so fed up with wiping bums, they are more than 2,5 years old now, and they know perfectly well not to poop themselves anymore. So my bubble did burst for a while... But it was soon back intact when Liva went straight to bed after a diaper change, and laid there perfectly still while I sang to Laia. I have also not heard a sound from their room since I closed their door about 10 minutes ago. So I'll repeat what I said to start with - FANTASTIC!! :)

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