3 YEARS - 13 Sept. 2013

We're in Barcelona! :) We've been her for 3 days and we're staying for another 5! :) :) And it's making me realize just how much Liva and Laia have grown and developed this past year and a half since we left.
We go around the city using public transportation and walking a lot, Liva and Laia are doing so great! We walk around, look at things, go to restaurants for lunch and breakfast and they are so well behaved. We have been to some of the playgrounds we used to go to when we lived here, Liva and Laia are bored there - all the playthings are for little kids, not for big girls who like climbing, running, sliding, swinging etc. So we have found new playgrounds, as well as gone to some that they were too small for when we lived here.
Everything is so much easier with big girls! But now they can stop growing this quickly and just get a year older every 2 years....

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