2 YEARS & 11 MONTHS - 6 June 2013

Oh. My. Goodness!! Where has time gone?? I didn't even realize Liva and Laia had turned 35 months because I have been so focused on the fact that they will be turning THREE this month!! I can't believe it! Though when I look at them, I can believe it! They are such big girls now! Part of me is so relieved that time is passing fast, that we're done with diapers and messy eating, that Liva and Laia can now communicate, play, do things on their own, have an opinion about things, dress themselves, laugh, fight, hug, hold hands, have friends, help around the house etc. etc. etc. All those things I couldn't wait for when they were still vomiting little poop-machines who only ate, slept and cried. But part of me is terrified! My little babies are turning three! They dress themselves, play, have an opinion about things, have friends (Laia even has a boyfriend!)... It really is true what people say, soon they will be off to college and mom and dad will no longer be the center of their universe... The moment I have been longing for has arrived, now it seems there aren't enough hours in the day to enjoy my 2 little bundles of joy. When I get angry with them I regret it right away. They are getting big so quickly now, I try to enjoy every second they want to spend with me.
Yesterday we had our first real playdate here in Denmark, at someone's house. Though we have met up with friends at playgrounds in the past, and though we have had one of their friend come here with her parents once to play, and we have been to their house for the girl's birthday, this somehow felt different. A family who have 3 kids at the same daycare as Liva and Laia (one of the boys is even in the same "class" as Laia) lives just around the corner from us. We had previously talked about letting the kids play, but it had never really happened. Yesterday was Denmark's constitution day, so we had the day off. In the afternoon I took the girls to this family's house, the kids had such a blast! The weather was brilliant so they had set up a tiny paddle pool in the garden, the 2 boys and Liva and Laia played all afternoon, sometimes inside, sometimes outside. I spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the sun, chatting with and getting to know the mom. The biggest boy is Laia's boyfriend, they are inseparable. Liva and the younger boy get along really well, but the love isn't there like with Laia and Oliver. :)
It is so much fun watching Liva and Laia grow up now, I am so happy with their age and amazed at the speed at which everything is happening. I believe this is where having twins starts getting really fun! And I am so looking forward to every second in the future with them!

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