2 YEARS & 11 MONTHS - 20 June 2013

I was just looking at my blog information, and noticed I had 3 blogs. I have a blog called "Life with twins". I had no recollection what so ever of this blog, and started reading it. Turns out I actually started blogging while I was still pregnant. Talk about baby-brain or pregnancy-brain or whatever you want to call it, I seriously can't remeber having started this blog!
It blew my mind reading it, and brought back some long forgotten memories from my pregnancy. As I have mentioned (thousand of times!!) before, my pregnancy was not an easy one, I guess that's why I stopped writing about it. Having twins was (IS!) amazing, I guess that's why I started writing again shortly after they were born - a whole new blog instead of just continuing the one I had already started....
If you would like to read it, it's quite short, you can do so here. Have fun.
Oh, by the way, when you finish reading, I was in for another shock when I went to the hospital on June 28th and was finally told to stay - there had never been a planned cesarian, they had always planned on me giving birth naturally since Liva & Laia were perfectly positioned for a natural birth. I was terrified and begging for a cesarian, they refused. I am so happy about that now, the actual birth of my children is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! And the only thing of the whole child-having process I would do again! But since I don't want to be pregnant again, and since I don't want to relive the first 6 months of baby life, it seems that giving birth is also not something that will happen again! :)

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