3 YEARS - 20 August 2013

Having twins is amazing, yes. and they have a lot of fun together, yes. But MAN it's exhausting as well!! I'm sure every parent with kids 2 years and up knows these phrases way too well: "Look at me!" "Look what I can do!", "Are you looking?" "Did you see me?", "You weren't looking properly, look again!", "I want to try again!", "Again!", "Again!", "No!", "Stop it!", "No, you stop it", "I don't want to!", "Why?", "No!", "Why?". "Why?", "I can do it myself!", "Can I have one?", "I want one!", "More!", etc, etc, etc. ALL DAY LONG! Now, imagine it double! Imagine, on top of all these expressions, you also get "What's she eating?", "I want one, too!", "I can do it, too!", "Now look at me!", "It's my turn now!", "My turn!", "Me, too!", "She did it, why can't I?" (even when it's something you've just told the other one she's NOT allowed to do!). And imagine at 4a.m. "Liva? Liva? Are you awake, Liva? I think I heard something! Liva? Let's go to Mom & Dad's bed, I heard something!" followed by the pitter-patter of 4 little feet and next thing you know, you have 2 more people in the bed. For the next 15-30 minutes you hear "Au!", "Move, I don't have space!", "Stop kicking me!", "Mom, she's kicking me!", "I don't have enough space", "Stop touching me!", "Move your legs!", "I was here first!", "Mom, tell her to move!". When we tell them to be quiet or go back to their own beds, they start crying, and neither of us can be bothered at 4 a.m.! So yes, having twins is also extremely exhausting! Luckily there are loads of giggles when they play together, and moments of pure enjoyment when we sit and watch them play or fool around. Double trouble, double fun, double love! :)

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