1 YEAR & 6½ MONTHS - 17 Jan 2012

Today has been a great day, Liva and Laia were in a much better mood! This morning was a bit hectic, I had a jobinterview which I was a bit nervous about, Emily was supposed to come early but got lost on her way here and came 20 minutes late, which did not help my nerves... Being nervous about the interview and about Emily not showing up meant I had no patience what so ever with poor Liva and Laia.
When Emily did arrive, I rushed out the door and made it to my interview - 40 minutes early, haha.....
I came home just as the girls were having lunch, then Emily and I got them ready for their nap together. She said Liva had been quite whiny and Laia had been her usual bullying self. They were extremely tired and fell asleep straight away. I figured they'd sleep for at least 1½ hours, I hoped they'd sleep around two. They woke up after 1 hour and 15 minutes, Liva crying as always. I could already feel my nerves dangling on the outside of my skin, and wondered how I'd get through the afternoon. Liva clearly wasn't feeling well, and just wanted to hang on me for the first ½ hour she was awake. Luckily, when one isn't feeling well, the other one seems to understand and accept that the twin needs more attention, so Laia played on her own on the floor, just came to stroke Liva's hair every now and then. After a while, Liva started feeling better and joined Laia on the floor. We stayed at home this afternoon, when Liva and Laia want to go out they go and find their shoes and make it quite clear. But today they played with their toys and were just happy to be at home. We actually had a great afternoon, I cooked dinner for them which they loved and ate loads of. Laia had just finished eating when Albert came home, Liva was finishing up. We all four played in the livingroom for almost an hour, the girls were happily laughing most of the time, it was really nice for all of us! Around 19:00 we started getting them ready for bed, by 19:15 they were in bed - almost 30 minutes later than normal. They giggled for a while, then fell asleep. I hope we can have many more evenings like this!

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