1 YEAR & 6 MONTHS - 11 Jan 2012

Today is my birthday - 27 years old. Oh no, wait, 37...... Actually, honestly, the age doesn't bother me at all! I am right where I'd like to be in my life; I have a lovely husband who I love with all my heart! He gave me the most wonderful little girls, who I love with my heart and soul! We have a nice apartment, good jobs and the most patient cat in the world. What more could a girl (woman....) ask for?!
It's been a lovely day, Albert came in with Liva and Laia and woke me up this morning. He had decorated the livingroom with balloons and confetti, and made a present-treasure-hunt for me which ended with a lovely breakfast and an incredibly beautiful necklace.
In the morning Emily came and took the girls out for a few hours. I went shopping with the intention of getting something for myself in the sales. I came home with a bagful of clothes for Liva and Laia, two pairs of slippers for Albert, and an eight-euro pyjama for me. I just don't enjoy shopping for myself the way I used to enjoy it, I now love giving my family things!
In the afternoon I met up with a friend who has a 4-year old daughter. Liva and Laia were in heaven, they love playing with older kids! Albert cooked dinner for us, then we watched 2 of my favorite programs on TV, and went to bed. My mother-in-law offered to come over so we could go out, but there's no point in going out on a Wed night. We'll go out on Saturday instead, and have a nice dinner.
I got loads of messages from friends and family, and from a lot of people I hadn't expected to hear from, which really made my day! A wonderful day from beginning to end! Thank you everyone who helped make this day so special, happy birthday to me! :)

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