1 YEAR & almost 7 MONTHS - 24 Jan. 2012

I am sooo tired - and didn't go swimmig this morning.... Laia is sick, she woke up last night around 23:30, just as we were getting ready for bed. She was awake for about an hour, then went back to sleep until 5:40 this morning. Albert took her into our bed, but she didn't go back to sleep. At 6:20 Liva woke up. Though it was my morning to sleep in - or at least sleep until Albert has to shower around 7:15 - I got up with Albert. Things are always more difficult when one isn't feeling well, and it's just nice to be two.
Albert left for work around 7:45, I managed to get Laia to take a nap around 8:15 - she slept for an hour! Liva wouldn't sleep, so I had a quick, stressful shower and a nice time playing with Liva alone for a while. Emily came shortly after Laia woke up, they had fruit and Emily dressed them while I cleaned the kitchen and got myself ready to go shopping. By the time I was ready, so were the girls, and we all left together. I came home and tidied up a bit, did some laundry, and sat down to work. Less than 1 hour later Emily came back with Liva and Laia, they were tired and Laia wasn't feeling too great. They had lunch, played with Emily while I cleaned the kitchen, then we put them down for their nap. Emily left, I had lunch, then sat down to work. Five minutes later Laia woke up. I have a deadline for a translation on Thursday, I really need to get some work done! I tried doing it with Laia on my belly, but that only lasted about five minutes.
Sick Laia resting on my belly
Liva slept for almost 2 hours, shortly after she woke up my friend Susan and her boy Luca came over. We played here for a while, then went to a mommy-meeting. It's been a long time since I've met up with this group, it was nice seeing them all again. Liva and Laia are among the oldest in the group, which is quite nice. I am so used to them always being the youngest.
We came home quite late, the girls were tired and getting cranky. Luckily Albert came home just a few minutes after us. He was with the girls while I heated up their dinner. Laia wouldn't eat anything, she was just tired and not feeling well. Liva ate loads, and was in a brilliant mood.
After they were in bed, Liva didn't want to sleep and was singing and making noises to herself (or her teddies, I don't know). At one point I went in there and she didn't have her pacifier. I asked her: "Where's your pacifier" and she replied: "There, Laia!". I asked her again, a little more annoyed: "Where's your pacifier?" and she replied, a little more annoyed: "There, Laia!". So I checked Laia's bed, and sure enough - there was Liva's pacifier! It might not be a big deal that kids can communicate at almost 19 months, but it's a big deal to us! Everyone says twins start talking later, and since Liva and Laia are growing up with 3 languages, we were not expecting them to start communicating at all yet - a few words here and there, yes, but not a combination of words! I was very happy and proud! Now I hope we all get a good night's sleep tonight!

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