1 YEAR & 6½ MONTHS - 20 Jan 2012

Liva and Laia had their 18-month check-up today, they are absolutely perfect! Liva is 83,5 cm tall and weighs 11,5 kgs, Laia is 87,5 cm tall and weighs almost 11,5 kgs. Development, reflexes, everything fine. They have 16 teeth each, 8 on top and 8 at the bottom.
After the doctor's we went to a playground, then home for lunch. Liva and Laia were put down for a nap and shortly after they woke up Albert came home. Today was my Friday afternoon off, so I went into town. I bought some books for Liva and Laia, and drewled over the iPad. I SO want an iPad, but there's no way I can afford one now. I play the lottery almost every week, but strangely enough I haven't won loads and loads of millions yet.... I always used to say: In 2005 Albert and I met, in 2006 we moved in together, in 2007 we got Tatanka and Tomahawk, in 2008 we were married, in 2009 we bought our apartment, in 2010 we had Liva and Laia so in 2011 we should win the lottery. It didn't happen, though. I can't think of a major event to remember forever for 2011...
I really enjoyed walking around on my own this afternoon. I used to hate being out on my own, I used to worry that people would think I was some sad loner or some loser who didn't have any friends. At the beginning of my pregnancy, the few times I felt OK, I'd go for coffee or a snack, and I used to think how wonderful it would be that I'd never have to go out on my own anymore - the girls would always be there with me. Liva and Laia have been going to cafés since they were only a few weeks old; I loved that I was not out alone. Now I cherish these moments on my own! Going wherever I want without worrying whether the (big, dobble) stroller will fit, or whether the girls will be too hot, too cold, bored, hungry, cranky etc is just wonderful! Going out without being stopped 10 times by people making well-meant but annoying comments is wonderful. Sitting at a café on my own staring into space and disconnecting completely for a while, or watching other people, is something I hadn't realized how much I've missed. Don't get me wrong, I adore my girls and I love being with them. I love taking them to cafés and spending time with them. But I am with them almost 24 hours a day, and have been since the moment they were born. I don't feel guilty leaving them for a couple of hours, and enjoying those hours to the fullest!
I came home shortly before Liva and Laia had to be put to bed - I was excited about showing them their new books, and just as I had expected they loved them! We spent family time together reading books before Liva and Laia were put to bed, then Albert and I had a nice, relaxed evening watching silly TV shows. I love Fridays, especially the ones where I get the afternoon off.
Unfortunately, Albert and I won't get our Saturday afternoon off tomorrow, my mother-in-law is with our niece and nephews for the weekend. We'll go visit her with the girls so Liva and Laia get to see their Iaia, if all the kids are well behaved we'll leave all 5 children with my mother-in-law (poor woman!!) for a few hours. We treasure these afternoons off, and hate to miss those few hours a week where we can be a couple without kids.
Though I can't afford an iPad, I do know I have a good life and I'm lucky to have Albert, our girls, our families and friends! Though we (still) haven't won millions and millions in the lottery, I have so much that money could never buy!

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