1 YEAR & almost 7 MONTHS - 24 Jan. 2012

It's only a few hours since the last post... Liva quickly fell asleep, I prepared dinner, then sat down to work after Albert and I had eaten. I have a monitor next to me so I can hear the girls. At one point Liva started coughing, then made a gurgling sound like she was choking. I ran into their room and opened the door just as Liva started crying loudly. She was sitting up in bed, crying. I grabbed her and held her close. This is when I noticed the stench. I figured she had pooped, until a few seconds later I realized I was getting wet on my belly from holding her. My first thought was that she had pooped all the way up her belly, but when I pulled her away from me, I realized it was puke. Poor girl had thrown up all over herself and the bed. I changed and cleaned Liva while Albert changed her bedsheets. Liva cried for a while, then quickly got over it. We sat with her for a while and read books. I was looking at her, like really studying her, and it struck me (again) how beautiful she is! I just had to tell her. Albert agreed, and we both showered her with kisses. Liva just sat there, looking all shy and didn't know what to do. We put her back to bed after an hour or so, she fell back asleep but Laia woke up... Luckily she quickly fell asleep again. I managed to finish the first part of my translation, I have to finish the second part tomorrow. I hope to go swimming in the morning, come back and work a bit before Emily comes home with the girls, and then maybe work while they are napping. There are 2 shows on German TV I would really like to watch tomorrow night, so I'm setting myself a deadline of tomorrow afternoon.... Now I'm off to bed. Once again, I hope we can all have a good night's sleep!

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