1 YEAR & 6½ MONTHS - 16 Jan 2012

Wow, it's been a tough 4-5 days! Liva and Laia are giving us such a hard time, we're about to explode! I don't know what the problem is, but Laia just doesn't stop bullying Liva, which then means Liva spends most of the day crying or whining. Laia headbutts Liva, knocks her over and lies on top of her, pulls at her clothes, pulls off her pants, takes whatever toy or book Liva has away from her, steals her snacks - basically just doesn't stop all day long! Liva can't stand up for herself at all, and just screams. At the same time, Liva doesn't listen to us at all anymore. If we tell her to come, she starts walking in the opposit direction while looking at us with a look on her face that just says "what are you going to do about it?". The same goes when we tell her to stop doing something - like throw her food or pour her water on the floor - or to do something - like pick up whatever she has just thrown on the floor or eat nicely. Basically anything we tell her, she does the opposit. If we then yell at her or tell her no, she starts crying.
She has also for reason decided to start waking up between 5:00 and 5:45 in the morning, which means on top of everything she is tired - as am I, and I have NO patience! Albert and I both have a lot of work stress and take turns getting up with the girls in the morning, so we are a family of four tired people, two rebellious toddlers, and two tired and stressed adults. This is really not a good combination! Luckily Albert and I are both very aware that we have to be careful how we treat each other, it's not the other person's fault that life is like this at the moment. So even though there are a few tense moments, Albert and I are able to support each other through this. The hardest part has been today, where I was alone with the girls most of the day. Emily came in the afternoon and took them out for an hour or so. Even she said they were hard to handle like this.... And it's an evil circle - I am already so sick of it all that I have no patience, meaning I get more angry than what might have been necessary at the particular moment, the girls then get more whiny and rebellious, and I get even more angry... I really hope this will stop soon, I don't know how to cope much longer!

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