1 YEAR & 6 MONTHS - 5 Jan 2012

We are so lucky with our pediatrician! A week ago we went to see her because Liva and Laia were coughing loads and not sleeping at night. She said there was nothing we could do about the coughing, but noticed that Liva had hand-foot-mouth desease... We were given some lotion for her mouth, given some advice reg. food, and were told that it's extremely contagious and Laia would probably get it soon, too. Laia never did get it...
Today we went back to the doctor's because their coughing has gotten worse, now it interrupts their naps as well - 2 girls who don't sleep properly at night and hardly nap during the day are hard to handle! Also, Liva has a rash all over her back and her chest. The doctor said the rash was caused by Liva's immune system being so extremely weak that her body takes on any virus that comes her way. We were given some drops for the coughing, twice a day for Laia and once a day for Liva.
But the best part is, when we're with the doctor we can ask her any question about anything, she takes the time to explain things and answer our questions. We never feel things are rushed or that we're taking up her precious time - as a lot of the mother's in the mommy-groups I go to complain about with their pediatricians!

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