1 YEAR & 7 MONTHS - 4 Feb. 2012

Ugh, what a week! We've all been sick, Albert and I are on antibiotics - with me it was so extreme that the doctor suspected pneumonia, but luckily that was false alarm - and we're all four only slowly recovering now. It's no fun when we're all sick, nothing gets done around the house, nobody cooks, we hardly go out... But it's been really nice being together as a family for a whole week, we got to spend loads of time cuddeling on the couch, watching TV and reading stories all together. The advantage of all of us being sick is that nobody feels like doing anything. It took a bit longer to hit Liva than the rest of us, poor girl was soo bored for the first few days while she was feeling okay and we were all feeling dreadful.
Liva and Laia turned 19 months last Sunday, but that went quite unnoticed with us all being sick. I don't think there's much to add from their 18-month birthday as to what they can do, they just get better and better at doing those things.
My mother-in-law retired and has been here a few times, but it's also no fun for her to come to a house full of sick people and cranky grandchildren. She's coming over this afternoon and Albert and I will go out for a few hours - our Saturday afternoon off! We still don't feel too great, but well enough to take a break from it all!
I hope everything will be back to normal next week, that we can have our shedule back, that we can sleep through the night again (we're almost there!), that we'll all feel good again, that I can work without wishing I could just go to bed, and that I can go to the gym!

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