1 YEAR & almost 8 MONTHS - 26 Feb. 2012

The reason I haven't written in ages is that we're in Denmark, and it's GREAT!! The weather is nice, it has hardly rained and though it's cold we're all dressed warmly and enjoy it. We've even had some days with beautiful blue sky and sunshine. We see my family loads, Liva and Laia are having such a good time, laughing and playing all the time. The frist week we were here Albert was here as well, now it's just me and the girls. We don't do much, I had a translation to work on last week, I hope to get another one this week. We just hang out with my mom who only works part-time so has loads of time to be with us, my dad when he gets home from work, my brother and his family when they have time, and this weekend my aunt, cousin and cousin's boyfriend came for a visit, that was really nice! I still don't know when I'll fly back to Barcelona with the girls; I had hoped to have some jobinterviews while I was here, but nobody has called.... I would love to just stay here, but I make my money in Barcelona (besides the translations which I can do anywhere), and of course we miss Albert loads - he can't just come up and be with us for weeks and weeks.... So I'll probably fly back to Barcelona next weekend, though I would love to stay - unless I should be so lucky that someone calls for a job interview.
In front of my parent's house

Out for a walk and feeding the ducks

Out for a walk

Playing in the garden with cousin Freja

Coloring with cousin Freja

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