1 YEAR & 7½ MONTHS - 13 Feb. 2012

WE'RE GOING TO DENMARK!! All four of us!! On Friday!! YIPPEEE!!
Our elevator is being fixed - they were supposed to start today but there's nobody working on it yet - which means we'll be without elevator for at least 3 weeks. They've been talking about it for months, I have said all along it would be a great reason to go to Denmark. Living on the top floor with two little girls and no elevator is no fun! Though Liva and Laia love climbing up and down stairs and are quite good at it, they do need a bit of help. With this cold we're having, I have to bring thick blankets for the stroller, besides their usual bag and the bag of toys. The stroller is downstairs, but getting all the rest + 2 girls eight floors down just won't be any fun! I'm glad we had the elevator today still when we went out this morning.
So, we all leave on Friday, Albert stays in Denmark for 1 week, I stay for about 2½ weeks with Liva and Laia - we still don't have a return ticket, I'll get that when I feel ready to come back to Barcelona, and when Albert tells me the elevator is working again. I am soooo looking forward to going, we haven't been since the summer!

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