1 YEAR & 7 MONTHS - 11 Feb. 2012

Things are still normal, which is great after 2 weeks of abnormality! We're all sleeping through the night until about 6:30-7:00, Emily comes and takes the girls out while I get some work done at home, my mother-in-law came on Thursday and will be coming every Thursday from now on to be with the girls while I go teach, and today Saturday we went to my brother-in-law's in the afternoon and had my mother-in-law come over in the evening while Albert and I went out for a short while.
The only thing that's not normal is the weather in Barcelona - it's freezing!! And I'm not exaggerating, it's seriously around zero degrees and has been for days. We're not used to these temperatures here, and don't have clothes for such coldness, especially not for Liva and Laia. But it's still sunny, and there's a playground close to our house where there's no wind and loads of sun, we've gone there a few times this week.
It's just great that we're all healthy again, and back on schedule!
Sunny, warm playground near our house

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