1 YEAR & 8 MONTHS - 6 March 2012

I haven't been able to open my blog since last time I wrote, all I get is "error on the page". Now I've downloaded firefox and have opened it there....
Well, what has happened since last time? We finished off a great stay in Denmark and had a lovely flight home. I flew alone with Liva and Laia and was a bit worried since they are now much more active and get bored more easily. I also knew they wouldn't sleep since we weren't flying during nap-time. It went really well, Liva and Laia were so good! We had 3 seats, I sat in the middle. The girls looked at books, played with the few toys I had brought, had snacks and just genereally behaved themselves really well and seemed to have a good time. I was very, very proud of them!
They turned 20 months on Feb 29th, and so much has happened in the past month! They can both take off jackets, socks, pants and hats, and they can both put on hats and their jacket half-way (get one arm through, they need help getting the other arm through), Laia can also put on pants and get her top over her head. She can also put on her boots, but not yet her shoes. It's so much easier when they can do more and more things on their own.
They say more and more words, and love trying to repeat the words we say. They talk loads between themselves, and often try to talk to us using their language. They get SO frustrated when we don't understand what they're trying to tell us, but between the words they know and using signs, they can make themselves understood most of the time. They can spend more time playing on their own and are starting to get really good at playing with each other. They have a great sense of humor and know how to make us laugh by making funny faces, walking strangely or doing other weird/funny things.
They are very loving girls, love giving and getting hugs and kisses. When we pick them up they give us a cuddle or put their head on our shoulder. In the past couplle of weeks they've started hugging each other loads. Though they still often fight, they are starting to enjoy each other's company, and it shows that they are starting to really love each other. Sometimes one will do something cute/funny/silly and the other will laugh and give her a big hug. If one cries, the other comes straight away to pat her head and give her a pacifier. Sometimes they walk around the house hand in hand singing, for no apparent reason other than wanting to hold the sister's hand and enjoying it. They sing and dance loads, often holding hands and walking around in a circle. Their favorite song is the Barney themesong, and Barney is still their favorite show.
They are lovely girls through and through, the older they get the more we see it!

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