1 YEAR & 9 MONTHS - 29 March 2012

Liva and Laia are 21 months old today! So much happens so quickly now! They both desperately try to talk, but we still struggle with understanding most of what they try to tell us. They clearly understand each other, though, as well as everything we say to them in both Danish and Catalan, and a lot of what Emily says in English. That, to me, is very impressive!
They also pretty much dress themselves! I tell them to take off their pants and socks, then help them with the tops. Laia puts on all her clothes herself except her body and her socks - this week she even learned to pull her pants up all the way, she couldn't get them over her diaper before. Liva needs help with her top as well, but can put on her own pants. Laia can more or less put on her own shoes, Liva still can't.
They love helping around the house, they love going out without the stroller, they love playing, Liva loves being around other kids, especially if they're older. They love food, we give them new things to try almost every day, it's great seeing how they enjoy it!
They still fight a lot, and I don't understand that. I thought twins were supposed to be each other's best friends, Liva and Laia definitely aren't yet! But at the same time it's clear they love each other. They spontaniously give their sister hugs and kisses, if one cries the other one feels really sorry for her, and when we're out they keep a close eye on their sister.

Today we saw Luca for the first time in over a week, they were thrilled about that. We had a nice morning together - Albert was there as well, there's a major strike in the country today and he couldn't get to work. I was telling Susan about my new, crap working situation when the phone rang. A language school in Sabadell, about 30 minutes outside Barcelona, need a language teacher for 4 weeks, Monday-Friday 9:00-13:00. That would be absolutely perfect for me, I have an interview there tomorrow, I really hope I have more luck with this job than with the previous interviews I've had....!
Then, this afternoon a language school in Denmark called. They promised they could have given me fulltime teaching had I been in Denmark, but since I'm not they might be able to give me some skype classes. Now we're thinking about me going up to Denmark for a couple of months to see what this school could really give me. If I have no work here anyway, it doesn't really matter whether I'm here or there, I'd have to go where the work is. If I get the job in Sabadell, it'd only be 4 weeks, I could fly up mid-May until end of June and see how it all works out. Of course Albert hates the idea of being away from his three girls, and I hate the idea of being away from him and taking Liva and Laia away from their dad, but as long as it's only temporary, and it's because we're trying to improve our situation, it'll be okay. We'll manage somehow! Just the fact that I'm being offered work is a good thing!

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