1 YEAR & almost 9 MONTHS - 27 March 2012

This has been two strange days! Sunday evening I sent off my translation and, to my great surprise, I was sent the next project Monday morning already. Along with a mail explaining that this will be the last project from that company for the next couple of months, since they have no need for Danish translators at the moment... Darn! They're my biggest income, besides them I only have my few hours of teaching every week, we can't live off that.
Monday morning I took the girls to a friend's house, she has a little girl a couple of months younger than Liva and Laia, and a dog. It was nice doing something different, we took the metro there, Liva and Laia loved the whole morning, from we left until we got back home. Oh, and they slept until 7:30 Monday morning!
Monday afternoon Emily came, while she was out with Liva and Laia I got an e-mail from the translation company I interviewed with last week - I supposedly only scored 40% on the test they had me do, so then will not proceed with my application. WTF?? It was correcting a business letter which had been translated from English to Danish, and I cheated! My parents were here, my mom's a former Danish teacher, my dad's a Sales and Export Manager in an international company, they both helped me - my mom with the general Danish, my dad with the business language. How the F**K could I only get 40% on that test??? Well, nothing I can do about that! I spent last night and most of the morning today sending out applications, both here and in Denmark, hopefully something will come up somewhere soon!

This afternoon I met up with two twin moms at the Ciutadella Park playground, that was nice! One of the moms was my German friend who I hadn't seen for months, since before Christmas I think! Though it was very short, it was nice seeing her again! The other mom I met because her and her husband bought some stuff from us while she was still pregnant. Their twins are now 2 months old. It was sweet seeing little baby twins, but I am so happy I now have toddlers and not babies anymore!! I love that Liva and Laia just ran around and played on their own while I sat and chatted with the other moms.
We left the playground quite late, I figured Albert would be on his way home from work and would be in the area, so I calle dhim to see where he was. As luck would have it he was just a few minutes away. He came to meet us and we all walked home together. After putting the girls to bed I skyped with one of my best friends who lives in Sweden, talking to her always makes me happy!

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