1 YEAR & almost 9 MONTHS - 21 March 2012

Last week I decided to make a small change in the daily routine: I have always showered after Albert left for work, the last few weeks it was dreadfull, Liva and Laia would either be fighting in the bathroom, be running around breaking things or hurting themselves, or quietly be doing things they knew they shouldn't be doing. My showers were stressful, and when I got out I always got mad about something they had done. So we decided I should shower while Albert has breakfast with the girls. My parents have just been here for four wonderful days, and the showering hasn't been a problem. Only this morning did we try the new (to be) routine for the fist time, it was great! It meant that after Albert left I had time to sit and read books with Liva and Laia, I had time to tidy up the apartment a bit, there was nothing stressful about my shower, there was no reason to be angry at Liva and Laia. It has been one of the best mornings for a long time!
Emily came, and though it was very grey outside I suggested they risk going to the playground anyway. Poor girls all got stuck outside in a torrential-like downpour! They quickly came home again, we changed the girls, sat in the livingroom for a bit, then I went to the computer to prepare my classes for tomorrow. The few times I've tried to get some work done while Liva and Laia have been at home with a babysitter it's been impossible. Today they've been playing in the livingroom with Emily all morning, only once or twice have they come into the computerroom to say hi. It's so nice that they are getting older and things are getting easier and easier. It's just such a shame we'd lose Emily if I had to work fulltime!

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