1 YEAR & 8½ MONTHS - 15 March 2012

Life seems a bit unfair at the moment... I love my girls, and I am grateful that I've had the oportunity to stay at home with them for the first 1½ years of their life, while still being able to earn money. However, I'm ready to get back out into the working world again! On Monday I had an interview in a huge translation company for the position of translation project coordinator. The position sounds very interesting, and during the interview they told me they also needed a quality manager, would I be interested? I told them yes. The problem with both positions is that they're fulltime - 40 hrs/week with a schedule of 10:00-19:00 Monday through Friday - and pay an average Barcelona salary (read: pretty crap!). I would be working way more hours earning the same or less than what I earn now, and I would hardly see my girls. All Monday and Tuesday I was thinking about what to do should they offer me the position. I would hate to see Liva and Laia so little, almost half of my salary would go to pay Emily for working here fulltime, and I would no longer have the freedom of working from Denmark whenever I missed family and friends there. But I would have a fixed, secure income, a contract with all its benefits, and a position in a worldwide, wellknown translation company, with posibilities of working in other countries, promotions, etc. After a lot of thinking, worrying and debating with myself and my conscience, I finally decided that I would accept the job. Either of the positions! I started calculating how much money we would have to pay Emily, tried to make a schedule between her and my mother-in-law, contacted private daycare centers, etc. BUT - they told me at the interview on Monday that if I hadn't heard from them by Friday, it would mean I haven't gotten the job. It's now Thursday noon, and I still haven't heard from them.... Typical! After 48 hours of my head being a complete mess while trying to decide what I should do, I probably won't even get the job. And I had been so excited when I finally decided Wednesday evening that OF COURSE I would accept the job. Bummer!!
I guess I'll just have to keep applying for work, and enjoy the time with Liva and Laia now, since you never know what the future will bring!

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