1 YEAR & 8 MONTHS - 7 March 2012

Liva and Laia have been in such a great mood for the past 2-3 weeks, it's so incredibly wonderful! It started in Denmark, we of course thought it had something to do with them being there, and having loads of people around all the time. But we've been back i Barcelona for 4 days now, and they're back to their regular schedule, and back to spending most of the time with just me. And they are still in a wonderful mood! They play and laugh and giggle, they give me hugs and cuddles all the time, they hug each other all the time, they hug and cuddle Albert any chance they get, and they even give Emily and my friend Susan big cuddles.
Today we walked to a playground which is about 4-5 blocks from here, there we met up with Luca and Susan and played for a while. We all walked 2 blocks to Starbuck's where the kids ran around most of the time. Then I walked home with Liva and Laia, again 4-5 blocks. They walked all the way, had fun looking at windows, smiling at all the people we passed, holding each other's hand and looking at all the cars, busses, birds etc. on our way. I had been worried about the walk home because they were already getting tired and hadn't stopped moving for 2 hours. There were no problems what so ever! I absolutely enjoy being with them these days, I hardly ever get angry or annoyed with them lately because there's just no reason to, and they make me laugh loads of times during the day. We are truly lucky to have such wonderful daughters!

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