1 YEAR & almost 9 MONTHS - 25 March 2012

This has been an absolutely wonderful weekend! Friday morning I took Liva and Laia to their favorite playground at Park de la Ciutadella. On the way there we pass my mother-in-law's builing, and Liva and Laia start calling for her. I spontaniously called her on Friday, she happened to be out but very close to her house, so we met up and she came along to the playground. The girls loved that both their grandma and their mom was at the playground with them. Albert came home shortly after they woke up from their nap, and we all went to Poble Nou, one of my favorite parts of Barcelona. We walked around a bit, had tapas and went home.
Saturday morning we all went back to Park de la Ciutadella, we didn't go to the playground, instead we walked around and looked at all the animals. There were geese, goslings, ducks, turtles, parrots as well as all the dogs. The weather was brilliant, and we all enjoyed it loads!

When we came home we all had lunch together. The girls love it when we all eat together, but it's unfortunately something which doesn't happen very often. Liva and Laia have dinner too early, Albert normally isn't even home yet. I don't actually know why we never have lunch together at the weekends - probably because Albert and I often don't really have lunch at the weekend. It might be an idea to change that, and all eat together at least one of the days. Liva and Laia have breakfast with their dad every morning, and a fruitsnack with me a few hours later.
Sunday morning Albert took the girls out while I worked on a translation, I took them out in the afternoon while Albert cleaned the house a bit.
Last night we put the clocks back an hour, summertime started. I love this time of year, I love the long evenings! But - now that we have kids it's a bit different, Liva and Laia didn't sleep until 20:30 tonight, normally they're out by 19:15ish. It'll be interesting to see what time they wake up tomorrow morning!

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