STILL 11 WEEKS - 15 Sept. 2010

The girls were born with a kind of de-formation at their ears, little bumps that shouldn't be there. According to the doctors it's normal and hereditary - Albert has it as well - but all babies born with it need to be checked since it could be related to a malfunction of the kidneys. So today I took the girls to hospital and they were given an ultra-sound. It was all quite surreal, they were taken into a room where pregnant women are also checked, and the doctor used the same machine as had been used on me 100s of times during my pregnancy. These little people were put on this huge bed and their tiny bellies were scanned with this huge scanning instrument.
They both started laughing when the doctor put the cold gel on their bellies :). There was a nurse there to take care of one girl while the other was being scanned, she fell completely in love with both of them, even went to the other rooms to get the other nurses to come look at these two beautiful girls.
While waiting for the elevator, I got talking to an American patient. He told me he's an identical twin himself. After a while he said "your husband must be a praying man." "Why do you say that?" I asked. "He must have at some point in his life prayed to be surrounded by beautiful women. Now he's got 3 of them. Lucky guy! Tell him to be careful what he wishes for, coz he seems to get it." Aww, that might have been really cheesy but I still thought it was kinda sweet - yes, I'm a sucker for compliments.... ;)
As I'm walking home with a caramel frappuchino in one hand and pushing the double stroller with the other, I have another "I love Barcelona!"-moment. The girls are either sleeping or half-sitting in the stroller, the sun is shining, they sky is blue and my husband has already called twice today just to see how we're doing. What more could anyone wish for?!?!?

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