DAY 1 - 29 June 2010

"There'a a contraction coming up, get ready to push!"
Thank god the machines knew when the contractions came because I couldn't feel a thing. And thank god for that too, since the pain before the epidural was bad enough. And the women screaming in pain in the other birthing rooms would have made me reconsider the whole thing. Not that I hadn't reconsidered a few times... Don't get me wrong, I had wanted this for years! But the pregnancy had been quite a surprise - one time without protection and bingo, double up: twins!! A life-long dream for me, but a huge surprise for both of us... A scary thought at times, and as the date came nearer I started wondering whether I could just keep the girls in my belly. At the same time I was as huge as a house and sooooo fed up with being pregnant and having a belly bigger than a basket ball.
Giving birth is by far the most incredible thing I have ever experienced! The doctors told me when to push, I pushed, and after just a few pushes, shortly after 14 pm on June 29th Liva came to the world. 11 minutes later Laia followed. I didn't get to hold them, they had to be checked and were then put in the arms of their father, which I'm happy about. I have so much contact with the girls every day while he's at work, I'm happy he was the first to hold them. When the doctors were sure everything was OK with all 3 of us, my husband was let into the room and we were given a girl each. Wow, what a feeling! Though one of my main thoughts was "water". After 16 hours in labour with no food or drink I felt completely dehydrated. I had begged the nurses for water, only one nurse felt sorry enough for me to give me about 5 drops, but that had been hours ago. When I asked the doctors for water I was told to wait until we were in the room. Nobody knew when that would be. So I decided to enjoy the precious moment with my husband and 2 daughters. Liva was 48 cm and weighed 2445 gr, Laia was 49 cm and weighed 2855 gr. They were beautiful, eyes open already looking around.
The next 3 days we spent in the hospital, I guess doing what every new family does - learning to breastfeed, getting to know our daughters, not sleeping at night, learning how to change diapers with the umbilical cord in the way and just enjoying holding, touching and smelling our beautiful little daughters.



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