3.5 WEEKS - 23 July 2010

My parents went home this morning. It was difficult to say goodbye, we won't see each other until they come back for a few days in October. My mom cried, she's going to miss her grand-daughters terribly. I didn't want to cry, it would make it even harder for my parents. I will miss them and I'm quite worried about having to manage with the girls on my own. Luckily it's Friday which means Albert's home from work early and here the next 2 days.
I cried in the evening, though. I was on the couch while Albert was in the kitchen. He came back to the livingroom just to find me bawling. Poor man was all worried, but when I told him it was only because I missed having my parents around he was relieved. He held me tight and as always made me laugh - isn't laughing through tears just one of the best feelings in the world??

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