12 WEEKS - 21 Sept. 2010

Today the girls slept until 9:30, bliss!! We've actually been very lucky, they've been good sleepers since day 1. Normally they fall asleep at some point between 19:00 and 22:30, we wake them up around midnight when we go to bed to feed them. When they were smaller they'd wake up at 3:00, 6:00 and 8:00/9:00, now they sleep until around 5:00/6:00 and wake up again when Albert gets up at 7-ish. Normally I can get them to go back to sleep until about 8:00/8:30. So I really can't complain about not getting enough sleep! Having twins is no where near as hard as we had expected it to be! :)

The girls and I met up with a German girl today, who lives here in Barcelona and is also pregnant with twin girls. She's due in December, it'll be fun to share experiences with another twin mom - it was already fun sharing twin-pregnancy experiences.

We bought activity mats for the girls last week, a great thing! They can spend a looong time playing on the mats, and it gives me time to do other things (like write this blog).

We are constantly reminded how lucky we are, Albert's best friend's girlsfriend just lost the baby she was carrying, she was almost 3 months into the pregnancy. One of Albert's colleagues recently had a baby and now suffers from depression and finds it very hard to deal with everything, the baby cries a lot and doesn't sleep at night. Our girls are so sweet and easy, it's a true blessing!!

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