DAY 3 - 2 July 2010

Today we get to go home!! The pediatrician has been here, the girls are doing great. The gynecologist has been here, I'm recuperating fine. My husband is here, he's called a taxi. We somehow manage to get flowers, bags, babies and ourselves into the taxi. The taxi driver is a really great guy, telling us about his own kids and I think he mentioned something about twins as well - not his kids but maybe his nieces and nephews?? I don't remember... I am so worried about the other cars, since our little treasures are on the back seat in lifts, not at all secured as they should be. When Liva starts crying I pick her up, I'm in the front seat with a 3-day old in my lap, oh please let us be home soon!!
We make it home without problems, get all the flowers, bags, babies and ourselves into our apartment on the 6th floor, and what do you know - the 2 crying little bodies we had gotten used to in the hospital suddenly relax completely. They sleep for 5 hours straight, longer than they have ever slept in one go before. We check on them every 10 minutes (at least) to make sure they're still breathing. When they finally wake up, we show them around their home before I sit down to breastfeed. Since this day they have been the sweetest, easiest babygirls we could ever have wished for!

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