2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS - 2 Oct. 2012

When I go to pick up Liva and Laia at daycare, it's a 10-15 minute walk through a forest. At the moment it's fine, but the other day I got to thinking, what will I do when winter comes and it'll be pitch black at 15:00 or 16:00 in the afternoon? I don't want to be pushing their stroller through some scary, dark forest! So I went out exploring the area, and managed to find a path which is lit all the way. Only problem is, it has stairs. Not good with a very heavy double stroller. But it's also much shorter than the way I knew before, so the last few times I've gone to pick up Liva and Laia without the stroller. It takes me a little more than 10 minutes to walk to their daycare, it takes at least 30 minutes to walk home! Not because Liva and Laia walk slowly, they actually manage the walk surprising well! But because we stop to look at trees, bushes, flowers, berries, birds, snails, cats, dogs, ducks, leaves, busses, cars, bikes, airplanes, clouds, etc, etc, etc. Since I'm never in a hurry to get home, it's actually a very enjoyable walk and it's fun talking about all the things we see.
We pass an old chestnut tree, which is full of chestnuts now. Yesterday we stopped and picked up chestnuts from the ground, some were still inside the shell, Liva and Laia loved stepping carefully on the shell and taking out the nut. We managed to collect 40-50 chestnuts (I didn't count them, it's a rough estimate!), which we washed when we got home. I divided them evenly in 2 bowls, and gave the girls a bowl each along with 2 small see-through plastic bags. That has so far given hours of fun, both yesterday afternoon and this morning before going to daycare. They put the chestnuts one by one into the bag, then turn the bag up-side-down into the bowl, then start all over again. Lovely free entertainment with an educational value at the same time! :)
If just Albert and I had normal jobs and made decent money, life here in Denmark would really be prefect! But it looks like things are getting better, I was contacted by one of my former translation clients last week, he asked if I was interested in helping them out again. Of course I was, so I am now working on my second project from them already. Teaching and translating isn't my dream, and I'm still looking for "real" work, but at least there's more money coming in. There also light at the end of Albert's tunnel at the moment, but for various reasons I won't get into that right now. If there's interesting news, I'll get back to it!

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