2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS - 30 Sept 2012

WHY do they do this??? For weeks I have been teaching at home every day, my students come to me at 9 or 10 in the morning, giving us all plenty of time to get ready. Every morning Liva and Laia have been getting up anytime between 5:15 and 6:00. Tuesday this week I started classes in Copenhagen again, from now on I have to leave the house at 7:45 at the latest every Tuesday and Thursday, meaning Albert and I both have to shower, get dressed and have breakfast, and we also have to get the girls ready. If we get up around 6:00 it's not a problem, we have loads of time. Tuesday morning Laia slept until 6:30, Liva slept until 7:00. The one morning where we all had to get up anyway, so it would've been OK if they had woken up at 5:30 or 6-ish. Wednesday morning I taught at home again, Liva comes into our bed at 5:25 and doesn't go back to sleep. Thursday morning I have to leave early, we all have to get up early; Liva sleeps until 6:30, Laia we had to wake up at 7:10! Today, Friday, I had two students come here, the first one at 10:30. And what happens? Both girls are awake at 5:10. WHY??? Why can't they wake up early Tuesdays and Thursdays, and sleep when we don't all have to get up early? We could sleep until 7:00 all the other days, and still have plenty of time in the morning. But no, those days they have to get up before 6:00! So why do they have to sleep in the other 2 days? I can't remember the last time they slept until 7:00 before this week, why do they have to start doing it now that we have to get up and get ready?
Oh well, the perks of having little ones, right?!? :) At least it's Friday and I'm done teaching for the day! Time to enjoy the weekend, hope you all have a good one!

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