2 YEARS & 2 MONTHS - 25 September 2012

I am so happy about Liva and Laia's new daycare! Every time I pick them up in the afternoon they are in a brilliant mood. Though they are tired they are happy, I always find them playing somewhere, very often together but also sometimes apart. They come home and have learned new songs, new movements to the songs, have been coloring or something else fun. In the old daycare they spent all day outside on the playground, most of the time playing with water. They were wet and dirty when we came to pick them up, and hardly ever wore the same clothes as when we had dropped them off in the morning. Most of the time they wandered around looking bored, very often they were crying.
I met a mom from the old daycare a few days ago, they are from Hungary and so didn't know how the whole system works here in Denmark. She told me that her daughter, who will be 3 in November, hates the daycare and spends all day crying. A few weeks ago she fell out of the pram she was napping in, now she's afraid of sleeping at the daycare. The mom is worried she'll lose her job because they call her almost every day from the daycare, telling her she has to come pick up her daughter early because she is non-stop crying. And of course the mother feels horrible about leaving her child there every day. Since we had said from the beginning that we wanted Liva and Laia to go to the daycare near our house - we didn't even know that it has the reputation of being on of the best, if not the best, in town - their place at the old daycare was always just temporary. But since this other mom accepted the place at that daycare as the one for her daughter - without knowing that it's one of the worst in town, poor people - her only option now is to sign the girl out of daycare, get her on a waiting list for a different daycare, and then wait. That could take months! No family can do that. So the mother is devastated about leaving her daughter in a place neither of them like for hours and hours every day, and the daughter is sad and crying all the time, and of course very, very tired since she doesn't nap. We really have been lucky! :) Time to prepare a small snack now and go pick up my lucky, happy girls in what we consider the best daycare ever!

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