2 YEARS & 2 MONTHS - 16 Sept. 2012

What a totally weird day today... We're all still not feeling great, so our nights are very interrupted by coughs, cries and nightmares - from all four of us. Today is Sunday, which means I got to sleep in this morning. Well, kind of, anyways. The girls came into our bed at 5:00 and did not go back to sleep. After an hour of trying we eventually gave up. Albert tried going down with the girls, but they refused if I didn't come down as well. I went down with them for a while, but since I was feeling horrible, and since I had already missed out on sleeping in last Sunday because Liva was hysterical and Albert was in a bad mood (and I had been out partying with my work Saturday so had slept less than 5 hours but had gotten up anyways!), I decided that I was going back to bed this morning, no matter what anyone said! I managed to fall asleep again and woke up at 9:30. It's a windy, gray day - yes, fall is starting here in Denmark.... - so we stayed in all morning. Around lunchtime Liva and Laia were super tired, so we figured they'd sleep for 2 hours when we put them down for their nap. Wrong! They refused to sleep!! We spent an hour trying to get them to sleep, they kept getting out of bed, running around upstairs, pooping in their diaper knowing that we'd have to change them, and moving furniture around in their room. After having told them 100 times (at least!) to go to sleep, we gave up. We could hear them playing upstairs and decided to just leave them for as long as it lasted. They actually played for about 40 minutes before they started throwing toys down the stairs. We took that as a sign that they had had enough.
Of course, since they had been up since 5:00, they were extremely tired all afternoon, so we had to somehow keep them entertained non-stop. First we went on the balcony and planted some plants we bought last weekend. They had fun playing with the soil while Albert and I managed to plant all the plants, our balcony looks really nice now! :) Afterwards we went upstairs and got out all the winter clothes so we are ready for the cold. Liva and Laia are such girls and love clothes. There was clothes from last year which we had them try on to see if it still fits, and there was clothes from a friend of mine's daughter which we also had to see if they could fit. They can undress and dress themselves, and love doing it, this was a great way for them to practice even more, and for us to get all the clothes ready and organized. We spent a couple of hours playing with the clothes, then prepared dinner, bathed the girls and put them to bed. They slept within 5 minutes. It's fun watching them play and learn more and more as they get older, they are such fun girls and have a great sense of humor. Though they can be VERY exhausting at times, we do really enjoy spending time with them. I just wish they wouldn't fight and argue as much as they do, but I've read in various twin books that it is perfectly normal at this age. I hope it's just a stage and that it ends soon. I always thought twins were each other's best friends, I hope Liva and Laia will be at some point (soon!).

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