2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS - 4 Oct. 2012

Laia said "Laia elsker mor" (Laia loves mommy) for the first time today!! :) I tell both Liva and Laia almost every night when we put them to bed that I love them very much, as well as many other times during the day. Today we received a huge box from my mother-in-law full of clothes for the girls. Liva and Laia were thrilled, and can't wait to wear the clothes (they are such girls! :)) so we were talking about this clothes when they were in bed. I told Laia that tomorrow she'll wear a body that says "I love dad" to which Laia replied "Laia loves mommy". Then she said she loves, daddy, Liva and Iaia (grandma). Aaawww, how just a few words can completely melt my heart!

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