2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS - 20 Oct. 2012

We have our first night off since Liva and Laia were born tonight! Just before lunchtime we dropped the girls off at my parents' house, then left as quickly as we could (well, not really, we did hang around and say goodbye to Liva and Laia for about 5 minutes). So far Albert and I have been doing "our own" things - I went clothes shopping and Albert continued his restoration of an antique bed we have. When I came home he had just started watching some movie that I have NO interest in seeing, so I have been getting to know my new Mac - a huge change when I've been used to cheap laptops with windows.
We have a reservation at an Italian restaurant just down the street from where we live for 20:00 tonight, I am looking forward to that. Then we can celebrate our 4-year anniversary last week which we didn't really celebrate (sushi for dinner and a lovely flower arrangement was as far as we went), and we can celebrate that ALBERT HAS A NEW JOB! He doesn't have the contract yet, but he was told on Friday that he has the job. He has to give his current employer 1 month notice, as soon as he can get out of there he will start the new position since they want him to start asap. We are both very, very happy about it! It's a job he's sure he'll be happy with, it's within his field, and it pays well! Finally things are looking better for him, I am so happy and relieved because he really doesn't deserve the crap job he has at the moment! Now all we need is for me to find a normal job, but at least I have my teaching and am doing translations for the German company on a regular basis again.
I am sure we will enjoy the dinner and a nice bottle of wine tonight, there are two very positive things to celebrate! :) And tomorrow we can sleep in, together!

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