2 YEARS & 3 MONTHS - 12 Oct. 2012

Please, someone give me strength!! For about 1 month now Liva and Laia have both had a cold and a pretty bad cough. That in itself isn't a big problem, and after living in Barcelona and suddenly coming to this cold country, I guess it's also quite expected. But they cough a lot at night, meaning nobody gets to sleep! Laia coughs and cries, but at least we can get her to sleep in her own bed. Liva coughs, wakes up and comes into our bed. When I know it's the middle of the night I take the fight with her and put her back in her own bed, handling screaming and hysteria at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. But since they always come into our bed when they wake up in the morning around 5:00 (THAT has to stop as well!!!) or 6:00, and since I am soooo sleep deprived, I sometimes don't realize that it's still the middle of the night when she comes in, I think it's already morning and let her crawl into my bed. Only when I realize hours later that she's still tossing and turning, it's still pitch black outside, and I am even more tired than the day before, do I realize that I should have put her in her own bed. But by then it's too late. Eventually she falls asleep, normally with her head pinned against my back and her legs thrown over Albert's belly, but at least she's asleep. I finally doze off again, only to be awoken by Laia waking up and coming into our bed. Of course Liva wakes up with all the commotion, and happily shouts "look mom, Laia's here" - just in case I hadn't noticed. She makes sure Albert knows as well. This is normally around 5:00 or 5:30, and that is the end of our night!
Ten (or often less) hours of sleep just isn't enough for 2 tired 2-year olds, so we have 2 cranky girls who are constantly complaining, crying and bullying each other. We are two very tired adults with a lot of stress and worry because of work and our financial situation (hopefully there will be good news about that next week!), and our patience just isn't what it should be.
The past few weeks have not been a lot of fun in our little house, I really hope it changes soon and that the girls learn to sleep through the night again! We finally managed to get the doctor to give us some cough medicine for the girls yesterday, maybe next week will be good in various ways! 

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