2 YEARS & 4 MONTHS - 29 Oct. 2012

Liva & Laia are 28 months today. I still can't believe how quickly time passes, it seems like only a few months ago they were helpless babies, suddenly they are little going on big girls!
They can do so many things now, they can run and jump really well, they love dancing, they can stand on one leg, and they love playing "bridge" - one girl crawls under the other's legs.
They talk loads, use sentences of 5-6 words. Of course they don't talk grammatically correct, but we understand the basic meaning. They say things like "Liva like no" meaning Liva doesn't like it or "Papa shower now no" meaning Papa shouldn't shower now / isn't showering now, "Laia sleep more now no" meaning Laia isn't sleeping anymore or doesn't want to sleep anymore. Liva is also starting to use the pronouns "I" and "you". Laia talks more, and more correctly than Liva, but Liva is catching up fast. Sometimes we don't understand Liva until Laia explains what Liva is saying. They speak mainly Danish but say a lot in Catalan as well. Albert is very good at talking to them in Catalan all the time, Liva and Laia both love repeating what he says and Laia very quickly understands what the word means. Then she says "Mom says "måne", papa says "lluna"". Laia saying it like that also helps Liva understand it easier.
They can tell us when they are sad, happy, in pain, hungry, thirsty, whatever, and that is a great help! It makes life so much easier when we don't have to guess what they want.
Their favorite pasttimes at home are reading and doing puzzles, and they are very good at the puzzles! They also love Lego (Duplo) and blocks to build huge towers. They love drawing (preferably on themselves, each other and the table, not paper....) and playing with pearls. They still don't care much for dolls.
They dress themselves and are amazingly good at it. Even the adults at daycare have commented on it, and I am surprised every morning when I dress them. This morning Laia even managed to button her shirt - buttons that go through a buttonhole!
Unfortunately we're STILL potty training (I believe we have been training for a year now, it's insane!!) and they STILL wear diapers. When we are at home we take them off, most of the time Liva and Laia go to the potty or toilet to pee, sometimes they do it in their pants. They don't like pooping on the potty or in the toilet, and normally hold it until we put a diaper on them. We still put on diapers when we go out, I tried last week to walk home from the daycare without diapers, they both peed themselves before we were half way home.
We're also still struggling with the pacifiers. In daycare they only have them for sleeping, as soon as we come pick them up at daycare, the first thing they ask for is the pacifier. Though we desperately try not to give it to them at home, the girls often end up winning just because we can't handle the tantrums they throw when they don't get the pacifier.
As mentioned, they fight a lot, and misbehave in turns. It seems it might be getting a it better, we were all out in Elsinore yesterday and they were both little angles! We met up with their little Bulgarian friend Maggie at an indoor playground, all three girls had a fantastic time. But all that being said, they also play together really well at times, they laugh and giggle and have a lot of fun together. This is a hard time for them, there is so much going on in their heads, so many things they are learning and rules they have to remember. They want to do everything on their own but can't do it all yet, which also aggravates them, especially Laia. Because they are so good at so many things we sometimes "forget" that they are only 2 years old, and maybe expect too much from them. Other times we don't challenge them enough, or don't let them try things on their own because we're afraid they could get hurt. So it's not easy for any of us, and looking at the big picture I think they're managing really really well! I love them with all my heart and tell them every night when we put them to bed. We both shower them with cuddles and kisses, and from the way they hug and kiss us, we know they know they are deeply loved, and that they love us as well! They are happy and healthy, and as I've said before, that is the most important of everything!

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