1 YEAR & 5 MONTHS - 1 Dec 2011

Today is December 1st, the day I should've lost another 2 kilos. According to our scale I've actually gained weight and am back where I started months ago. But I know that isn't true, I can feel it on my clothes! My 2 pairs of post-pregnancy pants are way too big on me now, and actually look quite horrible. They're not even really comfortable anymore. I can fit more and more of my pre-pregancy clothes, and it doesn't feel as tight anymore as it did a few months back. I have no idea why the scale says one thing and my clothes another. It's also not because I have been exercising loads and have converted fat into muscle which weighs more, I have hardly been exercising at all. So right now, I don't care what the scale says! I can fit a lot of my pre-pregancy clothes, I'm starting to feel good about myself again, and my husband clearly loves me the way I am. I'm not asking for anything more! :)
And anyways, I am so sleep-deprived I hardly know what I'm doing these days. 3 nights ago Laia woke up at 3:00. She went back to sleep, but in 10-15 minute intervals which meant that Albert and I didn't sleep anymore after 3:00. At 6 Liva woke up, that was the end of that night. It's impossible for Albert and I to go to bed early, no matter how tired we are. After tidying up the apartment a bit, cooking, eating, cleaning the kitchen and doing some work on the computer (Albert for the Master he's currently doing), it's always 22:30/23:00 by the time we get to bed. The same happened after the night Laia woke up at 3:00. We got to bed around 23:00, Laia was awake at 5:00 the next morning... 4 hours of sleep one night followed by 5-6 hours of sleep the following night really isn't enough! We assume it's because Laia hasn't been feeling good, hopefully it'll all be back to normal again soon. Tonight I'll try to get to bed early and hope the girls will sleep at least until 6:00/6:30 tomorrow.

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