1 YEAR & almost 6 MONTHS - 20 Dec. 2011

Comments I get frequently when out with Liva and Laia:

  • The classic - "How 'guapos' they are!". 'Guapos' in Spanish refers to two boys or a boy and a girl. For two girls it would be 'guapas'. When I reply "GuapAs, gracias", it is ignored; Laia still has only very little hair and is a boy - dressed in pink and purple!
  • Another classic - "Are they 'gemelos'?" - identical boy or boy-and-girl twins. I reply "No, they are 'mellizas'." - non-identical girl twins. Most people then tend to reply, "Ah, mellizos, que guapos!". I ignore them!
  • "Besides the boy's hair being shorter, they are absolutely identical!" What??? They are in no way identical! People who actually know them normally comment that they are the most different twins they have ever seen.
  • "Do you purposely cut his hair shorter so you can tell them apart?" YES, because as their mother I can't tell them apart, especially not with them being girl and boy.
  • When I reply to people's astonished comments of "What, they're two girls? But he looks so much like a boy!" (Yes, HE they say!) with "She's dressed in pink!", they often reply something along the lines of "Yes, but with these modern parents nowadays you never know, the kids wear all colors.". Okay, true, but I don't think there are many moms who'd dress their boys in pink jeans, or pants with flowers on them, and a purple jacket?!?!
Do either of these girls look like a boy??

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