1 YEAR & almost 6 MONTHS - 22 Dec. 2011

As I've mentioned before, Liva and Laia love to help. Today after changing them, before putting them down for their nap, I organized their room a bit. There were two bodies which had to go in the hamper, I threw them on the floor in the hallway and figured I'd put them away after putting Liva and Laia down for their nap. As I was putting away some toys in their room, I see Laia pick up the two bodies and carry them into our bedroom. The hamper is behind our door, she closed the door and put the bodies where they were supposed to go. Then she came back out and went into the livingroom to play with Liva. I followed her and called her name. When she looked at me, I praised her for what she had done, and gave her a big hug. She looked completely surprised, I don't think she saw it as a big deal, I think it was completely normal for her to do it. Wow, I still get so amazed at the things my daughters do!

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