1 YEAR & almost 6 MONTHS - 27 Dec. 2011

Christmas is over, which is both sad and a relief! My parents were here for four days, that was lovely! I was soooo sad to see them go!! Liva and Laia very quickly remembered who they were, and we had a great time going to caf├ęs, playgrounds and strolling in the area.
We celebrated christmas eve on Dec 23rd to avoid stress, it was wonderful. We were just the four of us + my parents, started with a lovely dinner all together, then did the traditional walking around the tree while singing carols, before giving Liva and Laia their presents. It was wonderful to see how Liva and Laia enjoyed walkign around the tree, they kept asking for more everytime we stopped. They loved opening the presents, and went to bed happy!
Dec 24th we had a relaxing day, then went to my brother-in-law's with Albert's whole family and my parents for the traditional Catalan Caga Tio. That was nice as well, though Liva and Laia didn't quite understadn what was going on. It was also very late for them, and by the time we left they were just overly tired. But managed incredibly well! They are such lovely girls!
December 25th the six of us went for lunch at Albert's mom's house with Albert's dad as well. I have never seen Liva and Laia eat so much! The food was lovely as always, Liva and Laia ate everything they were given. We are so happy that they are such good eaters, it makes lunches and dinners so easy!
December 26th my parents left in the morning, that wasn't easy! In the afternoon Albert, Liva, Laia and I went back to Albert's mom's house, this time with Albert's brother and his family, the mom's boyfriend and a neighbour. Again the food was lovely and the girls ate loads, but this was the fourth day in a row where their schedule was completely screwed up, and they were clearly tired. We left shortly after the lunch was over.
So all in all a lovely, family-minded christmas with two absolutely wonderfully behaved little girls, who we are both extremely proud of!!

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