1 YEAR & 5½ MONTHS - 14 Dec 2011

Thank god for babysitters! Liva and Laia were driving me nuts this morning, doing everything they knew they weren't allowed to do. At one point Laia threw loads of her toys on the floor. I told her to pick them up, she looked at me, said "No!" and walked away. I grabbed her and made her pick up her toys, with a lot of fighting and crying from Laia's side. About 30 minutes later she brought toys into the bathroom while I was getting ready. She knows there are no toys allowed in the kitchen and the bathroom. I told her to take them back into the livingroom, she looked at me and said "No!" Again, I made her do it.
Liva decided to drop her cheerios all over the floor - twice! While I was preparing fruit for them in the kitchen they were opening cupboards, taking things out of shelves and drawers, playing with the garbage - all things they know they're not allowed to do. I had had enough, dragged them out of the kitchen and closed the safety gate. After 5 minutes of hysterical screaming, they went into their room. A few minutes later they were hysterically screaming in there. I go in to see what the problem is, and find them on top of each other, Laia pulling Liva's hair and Liva trying to bite Laia - or was it the other way around? I was about to explode and eventually put them in their beds, lights on and everything, I wasn't trying to get them to sleep. They calmed down after some minutes, so I took them out again. Five minutes later they were back in their beds! I managed to finish preparing their fruit, then heard the life-saving sound of the doorbell. Thank you Emily for coming at the right time in a wonderfully good mood and taking over!
We all four went down together after the girls had eaten and Emily had dressed them, she took the girls to the playground while I did some shopping and got a coffee before going home to finish my translation. On the way home a goodlooking young guy smiled and whistled at me. That made my day! After so many months of trying to diet and the scale telling me I have lost no weight (though I still wear pre-pregnancy clothes more than post-pregnancy clothes), and feeling pretty down about myself, my looks, my body and my weight, it was great to get a whistle and a smile from not only a guy, but a goodlooking guy!
So after a morning off for the first time in weeks, and with this marathon-nap Liva and Laia are taking - so far it's been 2 hours - I am ready to face the afternoon!

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