1 YEAR & 6 MONTHS - 29 Dec 2011

Liva and Laia are 1½ years old today, happy birthday my lovely girls!!
We are amazed at what they can do, and people on the street (at the playgrounds, etc) are amazed at how tall they are for their age.
They understand everything we tell them in Danish and Catalan. One of our favorite games is for me to ask them in Danish where their nose is, their mouth, ears, eyes, hair, etc, and then for Albert to ask the same in Catalan. Or ask them to find differnt animals in their animal books. They seem to enjoy it as much as we do!
They say more and more words, and are starting to know a lot of them in both Danish and Catalan. Just today, Liva grabbed her ball and said "pilota" (Catalan). Then she showed it to me and said "bold" (Danish).
Now that they're bigger, everything is getting easier. They eat on their own, which means I can eat with them at the table, or organize the livingroom a bit while they eat - our diningroom table is in the livingroom, that way I'm in the same room as them. They drink from zippy-cups and are getting quite good at drinking from regular cups.
When we get ready to go out, I tell them to find their shoes and jackets, when we come home I tell them to put shoes and jackets away, find their slippers, come into the bathroom to wash their hands, etc.
Laia desperately wants to do everything on her own, and has the patience to practice and practice! She can now put on her jacket halfway (get one arm through), her newest obsession is putting on socks. The way she practices and practices everything she wants to learn, I think she'll be able to do it quite soon. Liva doesn't have patience at all, she'll try to do something once or twice, if she doesn't succeed she'll just leave it. I think she learns how to do things by watching Laia, she is very observant.
They're quite good at playing on their own or with each other, though these last few days there's been more fighting and crying than usual - they've been tired and confused because they were so off schedule over christmas. Today is the first day that we're more or less back to regular hours. They also both have a cold and cough a lot, meaning they don't sleep well at night. This of course doesn't help their already messed up schedule....
Basically, as I say every month, they are the most wonderful girls in the world, I am super proud of them, I am amazed by what they can do and how beautiful they are, and I am so proud and happy to be their mother!

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