1 YEAR & 5 MONTHS - 29 Nov 2011

Wow, 17 months already! Liva and Laia are getting big so incredible quickly, they seem able to do new things every day, and they are so tall already. As they get more and more wonderful every day, they also become more work every day. They sleep less, both at night and during the day. Food now has to be tasty and interesting, no more jars of babyfood from the supermarket. Toys have to be interesting and challenging - where a few months ago they could spend hours ratteling an empty plastic bottle with pasta inside, they now want things they can open and close, put inside each other and pout on top of each other. Where a few months ago an old telephone directory could keep them entertained, they now want books with activities. Of course we're only happy about this development, they are smart, curious girls, eager to learn and discover new things!
Laia talks more and more, has the cutest "no" and wags her finger. She tries to communicate with us, and often gets really annoyed when we don't understand what she's saying. Liva isn't quite as verbal, but makes herself understood more with gestures - shaking her head for no or closing her mouth when she doesn't want more food.
They interact loads and have loads of fun playing with each other, peek-a-boo and catch are their two favorite games. At the same time, their different personalities are starting to shine through. At the playground Liva loves to play soccer and is surprisingly good at kicking the ball. Laia prefers to climb on things and surprises me every day when she manages to climb onto something I had never thought she'd be able to get onto. Liva looks for the biggest group of kids she can find, and heads straight for the middle of it, no matter what age the kids in the group are. Laia prefers to be on her own, or with adults. At home Laia loves to dress up or sit and play with toys, trying to do things she can't do - now that she can open zippers she spends hours trying to learn to close them again, she loves trying to make towers with building blocks or putting shapes into their correct holes. Liva perfers to look at books, or - even better - have someone read her a story. She doesn't have the patience for things she can't do, and gives up very quickly. She prefers throwing a ball around, or bullying Laia and Tatanka.
They are lovely girls, and though I'm often exhausted and quite relieved when we put them to bed at night, I always look forward to being with them again the next day. It would be nice with a little more sleep, though, and a longer break for me while they nap during the day....

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