1 YEAR & 4½ MONTHS - 21 Nov 2011

I never made it to the gym on Tuesday, my skype interview lasted over an hour. But I made it to the gym yesterday, it felt good! And I was given the job I interviewed for, so all in all a good week.
Liva and Laia have been sleeping until 6:45 in the mornings, a huge change from 5:30! They're in a much better mood because they are more rested, the days don't seem as long, and we all have a much better time. The weather has been pretty bad lately, with loads of rain. It's made it more difficult to get out, but we're lucky to have a playground right behind our house. We can walk down there, or take Liva and Laia's little cars. If it rains or they fall into a puddle or whatever, we're just behind our building and can be home within a couple of minutes. And it's great being able to get out even in crap weather!
Today we have a new babysitter starting, it was Anne Louise's last day on Thursday. We will miss her, it's difficult for Liva and Laia to understand when people suddenly disappear - they still miss Heather and say goodnight to her picture every day...

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