1 YEAR & 4 MONTHS - 8 Nov 2011

Yesterday was Albert's birthday, and the day I was supposed to have lost 4 kgs. I have lost 2... A 50% successrate is not really acceptable, but too late to do anything about now. I will have to set a new goal, and be more serious about it this time!
Goal 2:
2 more kilos down before Dec 1st
4 more kilos (from today's weight!) before my parents arrive on 22 December would be lovely

I went to the gym today, finally. But I only did 20 minutes, then had to stop... I started with the running-machine, after 5 minutes of running I had to stop and start walking, my bladder still can't handle running. Is that something I should be worried about? It's been 16 months since I gave birth, my body should be back to normal by now, shouldn't it?
Well, I've learned that next time I have to start with the exercise machines (weightlifting or whatever) and do the running at the end (and wear thick pads or something).
I hope to be able to a class of Yogilates tomorrow evening, a mixture of yoga and pilates. Should be good! And then I can hopefully go again sometime this weekend. But I actually enjoyed it today (besides being worried about peeing myself), and I'm looking forward to going again.

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