1 YEAR & almost 4 MONTHS - 27 Oct 2011

For the second day in row, Liva and Laia napped for 2½ hours this afternoon! I love it!! They wake up at 6:00 in the morning again (I did prefer 7!), refuse to go down for a nap a few hours later, are dead tired by 12-ish, so have lunch around 12:30. By 13:00 they are in bed, 5 minutes later they are sound asleep. They still fall asleep around 19:00 at night, I guess that's why they wake up at 6:00. I think tonight I'll try putting them down later - I gave them a bigger snack than normal when they woke up from their nap, in the hope that we could do dinner a bit later. But regardless, I do love these long afternoon naps! :)

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